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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Annual Dinner 2018

Order form

Some issues have been experienced using this order form, particularly for users of the Safari web browser. Your order will be sent and processed correctly but some items of information may be missing when it is received. Please do not hesitate to use the form. If we find any information is missing we will contact you by email to ask you to provide it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

After filling this form and clicking the "Buy Now" button you will be transferred to PayPal where, among other things you will be asked for your address. There should also be a "special instructions" field which you can use to specify other people with whom you would like to sit.

Ticket options
Your name
Your years at BGS (e.g. 1972-1977)
Your telephone no.
Your email
Your starter choice
Your main course choice
Your dessert choice
Your guest's name
Guest starter choice
Guest main course choice
Guest dessert choice

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